Bhaktapur Cultural, Heritage Tour

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About Bhaktapur Cultural, Heritage Tour

Bhaktapur Cultural and Heritage Tour one of the most fascination place to visit and to experience while you are in Kathmandu, a great interesting old kingdom of Malla regime festooned with ancient monuments of temples, Chaitya and royal courtyard with palace.

Bhaktapur with an old name as Bhadgaon, means city of ‘Devotee’ which you can witness on this exciting and wonderful tour where the main tribe of Kathmandu valley the Newar which is the main populated people of Bhaktapur, it was once a bread basket for Kathmandu city folks.

Bhaktapur, like Patan once a separate kingdom located east of Kathmandu and Patan city a little higher than other two cities and close to green environment a great place for yielding crops and vegetables within the outer rim of the city.

A drive of less than hour with exciting views of snow capped peaks and observing rural farm villages till ride takes into woods of blue pines to enter into the city area of Bhaktapur.