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For boundless, hassle free and safe Himalayan holidays

Why choose Himalaya Lungta Treks and Expeditions?

 Simple the best and with various reasons why to join with Himalaya Lungta among hundreds of local adventure company in Nepal, as team of staff and guides of Himalaya Lungta are well experienced and professional to take care of its customers throughout the trek from start to an end of the holiday.

Joining with us where travelers first come as a guest and depart from the country as a good friend of Himalayan Lungta guides and staff, after enjoying a mesmerizing and wonderful holiday with us and leaves Nepal with a huge wide smile of great successful time around Himalaya.

Himalaya Lungta Treks a rising company started several years ago where staff and guides have great experience leading and running adventure over Nepal Himalaya since past several years showing the wonder of Nepal Himalaya to wide-world guest and gaining respect and appreciation from present and past clients that make Himalaya Lungta Treks a promising and leading adventure company of Nepal.

Where ‘Lungta’ a word comes from Tibetan Buddhism religion means Wind for Lung and Ta for Horse ‘Wind Horse’ a colorful religious flags which you will notice in every houses and villages around the area of Buddhism, which brings you good luck and as well a safe and enjoyable journey wherever you travel in the shade of Lungta flags and the Wind Horse.

The flags can be full white, green, red colored but most of the time that you see is with mix five colors that displays the earth major elements with blue for sky, white for clouds and rivers or water, red for fire and thunderbolt, green for vegetation and brown or yellow as soil of the planet.

On the flag printed prayer in Tibetan inscriptions with wind horse symbols so that the wind carries the prayer all over Himalaya, for the great good reasons Himalaya Lungta was born and established to take care of you with enjoyable holidays around Himalaya destinations.